What is Lifestyle Concierge?

Concierge services are typically undertaken by an employee of an apartment building, hotel or office, where they complete errands, such as transporting your bags, booking your taxis and helping you with sight-seeing.

Lifestyle Concierge is a very personal service designed to help you balance your schedule in your personal, family and professional life; meaning a service that supports you in all areas required to manage your lifestyle, which will give you the time back to spend on the things you enjoy.

This service has been extremely popular with our friends stateside for several years now, where you do not need to be a CEO of a successful business or a celebrity to gain access to exclusive services and offerings. In most cases in America, Lifestyle Concierge is used by busy people, who have busy lives and can see a value in the services that are available through a Lifestyle Concierge.

Lifestyle Concierge is designed to benefit you, as you are able to outsource all of your personal tasks and life administration to your Lifestyle Manager to complete for you.

A list of services that are typically offered by concierge businesses are;
– Travel Bookings
– Dining
– Access to Tickets
– Personal Shopping
– Event Planning

Fortunately, with Otium Partners, the list doesn’t stop there. We do everything from remind you of those important dates (anniversaries, birthdays, insurance renewals, product expiry), to help you with relocation, schooling needs, organising a tradesperson and doing your shopping. The list really is endless.

Please take a look at the services listed under Lifestyle or click here for more information.

If you would rather talk to us to have a friendly chat and understand how we may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to call is on 0117 226 2101 or 0203 095 2101.

Greg Wood