Our Lending Consultancy is designed to assist families and their businesses with all their borrowing requirements; whether raising finance to support growth or asset acquisition, refinancing existing debt facilities, realising value by releasing equity tied up in assets or restructuring debt in situations involving financial stress.

Experienced Financial Consultants

With significant experience in lending to all types of borrowers across all types of assets, our team has a deep understanding of how to approach a wide range of situations and to create results through an extensive network of lenders and specialist advisory firms.

We are wholly independent which enables us to provide truly objective advice and identify the best solutions for our clients across the whole of the lending marketplace.

And as well as identifying solutions to meet our client’s needs, we will also manage the entire process on their behalf; gathering and presenting all required information to lenders, negotiating terms and conditions, dealing with valuation and legal matters and completing administration tasks throughout the deal.


Lending Consultancy Services

Our Lending Consultancy services are available to individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts and pension funds to support their borrowing needs including;

  • Raising finance to acquire property(ies)

  • Raising business finance to support growth or acquisition strategies

  • Refinancing existing debt facilities or accessing new debt products

  • Realising value through debt restructuring

  • General advice and capital raising in financial stress situations

  • Liaising and negotiating with a wide range of professionals on our client’s behalf

Key Benefits of Lending Consultancy

  • Significant experience in senior banking and lending roles across the team

  • Access to an extensive range of lenders across all sectors and asset types

  • Independent and objective

  • Wide network of professional advisors across legal, tax, accountancy, surveying and financial advice to support our clients

  • We handle the whole process from start to finish, including all administration tasks

  • Our experience enables us to negotiate the best terms and conditions for our clients