Otium Partners is a Family Office that specialises in financial consultancy and luxury lifestyle management, serving wealthy clients in the UK and abroad.

From Home and Finances, to Business and Lifestyle, we provide efficient, joined-up and thoroughly personalised services that take care of the often time-consuming challenges you face – from the most complex to the more routine.

We use our expertise to improve your lifestyle as well as to manage and co-ordinate a range of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, banks and other advisors, to help you achieve your short and longer-term goals.

Managing these relationships can be complex and at times, overwhelming. With our many years’ combined experience, we overcome the need for you to manage multiple financial, legal and lifestyle suppliers, often in disconnected or even competing silos.

As your Trusted Advisors, we are independent and objective in our work and the serving of your interests. We offer no proprietary products and provide complete transparency in our work.

Whether you are looking for an organisation to manage one aspect of your life or many, you will find us to be a reliable, knowledgeable team, committed to the long-term interests of you and your family.

Meet the Team

The meaning of Otium

Otium, a Latin abstract term originated by the Roman poet Quintus Ennius around 190BC, has a variety of meanings, including leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, resting, contemplation and academic endeavours. It sometimes, but not always, relates to a time in a person’s retirement after previous service to the public or private sector. Otium can be a temporary time of leisure, that is sporadic. It can have intellectual, virtuous or immoral implications. It originally had the idea of withdrawing from one’s daily business or affairs to engage in activities that were considered to be artistically valuable or enlightening (i.e. speaking, writing, philosophy). It had particular meaning to businessmen, diplomats, philosophers and poets.

Our Mission is to give our clients Time, the one thing you cannot create more of.