Corporate Concierge vs Hiring a PA

It is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, (quite often smaller businesses) to outsource their PA work to a virtual PA – which is an element of what we call Corporate Concierge.

Hiring a PA is a big commitment for a small business, which involves;-

  • A lot of time in training, maintaining and recruitment.

  • Costs in training, recruitment, payroll, holiday pay, sickness days, pensions and employee benefits.

  • A requirement for an office and desk for your PA to work from.

  • Trust, you need to be able to trust that your PA can be trusted to work unsupervised to get the required work completed.

Our Virtual PA service within our Corporate Concierge offering, can benefit your business in many ways and here’s how;

  • Our service is independent which means you do not need to think about costs around training, payroll, holiday pay, sickness pay and pension contributions.

  • We work around your schedule to provide services whenever you require them. Think of us as your on-call or go to person.

  • We are fully trained and have the confidence and capability to take on those everyday essential tasks, which will relieve your day to day admin and allow you to focus on growing your business.

  • We are likely to have the expertise that you don’t, so why not hand it to the professionals.

  • You won’t have a requirement for an actual office, as we are virtual – meaning we will complete your tasks from our office and you a free to work where and how you feel suits you.

  • You will have a dedicated Corporate Manager who will understand you and your business, unlike many virtual PA businesses.

If you are interested in a virtual PA or would like to hear more about how our Corporate Concierge services can benefit your business in many ways, please contact us today or click here to view a list of our services.

Greg Wood