The "Do it for me" Culture

One thing that we’ve found extremely interesting when researching and launching the lifestyle management (also known as concierge) arm of our business is how much society’s attitude has changed to the DIY approach.

If we go back thirty years and you were a part of a working family who had a cleaner or an ironing person, you would have been considered very rich. Yet, now in 2019 young professionals earning £25,000 a year see having such services as a given to their monthly commitments.

We have also noticed a huge change in DIY stores, where back then mainly the ‘man’ of the household would learn, or know how to do, routine maintenance or house improvement duties and calling a painter and decorator or handyman would not even cross their minds. This is no longer the case in the ‘Do it for me’ culture and now, we see more DIY stores closing or merging partly as a result of this change.

Society today sees the value of time as major a factor in the decision making of life chores. In 2017 ‘The Sun’ published an article which stated that one in four households now employ a cleaner and in addition to this, ‘Your Mortgage’ released interesting statistics that only a third of 18 – 24 year olds can change a fuse or bleed a radiator. Great news for tradespeople and of course, great news for concierge businesses.

Greg Wood