Low Value Tasks affecting a Professional's Productivity

It is hugely important for businesses, regardless of their size, to review the time spent by their employees on low-value client tasks which can consume so much time.

Typically, the professionals – accountants, solicitors, bankers, financial advisors etc tend to be the sectors affected most by the customer service standard of ‘going the extra mile’ for their client. This often leads to carrying out tasks for their clients that are completely unrelated to their role and of course, their expertise – which in more cases than not, has been built and developed through years in university and working practice.

Recently, we have been working with a large firm of solicitors and we have shown that there is a great and cost-effective way around this. This will not affect the service clients receive and will allow staff to remain more productive and do what they are expert at, whether it be law, financial advice, accounting etc…

We have demonstrated our ‘fix it’ services to the firm of solicitors who contacted us to discuss a transaction that they are working on for their client. They advised us where their involvement should cease, and we reviewed the case and provided a competitive fee to complete all the unrelated tasks that were linked to the transaction;

The client was living overseas and unfortunately very unwell and unable to travel. He had a property in the UK for which the solicitors were acting on the sale. Once contracts had exchanged on the property the remaining tasks involved were; shipping the clients personal belongings to Asia, organising valuable remaining items to be sold at auction, organising a house clearance and cleaning the property for the new owners. If the solicitor had to organise all the remaining tasks the client cost could have been extremely high, and it certainly wouldn’t have been good use of their time and hence productivity.

Otium Partners can offer a huge helping hand to professional businesses who find much of their time consumed by low-value, non-related tasks. We will price per project and work directly for the firm to keep costs low, while at the same time, provide great client service.

Greg Wood