The Benefits of using a Finance Broker

When you own properties, run your own business(es) and/or have self-made wealth, you haven’t become successful through not being savvy with money and having an eye for a good deal.

So, many people ask when it comes to re-financing, raising finance, equity release etc “why would I pay to use a broker”? Most of the time successful entrepreneurs have contacts in a few banks, who quite often can get a good deal, but more often than not, it’s not the “best” deal… whether this is based on price, flexibility, term, security etc.

When using an expert independent commercial finance broker you will find that they possess all the skills, experience and contacts that you need to find the most competitive finance package for your particular requirements.

Here are 6 reasons why using an independent finance broker will benefit you and your business;

  1. Contacts – Finance brokers who are independent will have access to the high street banks, investment banks, challenger banks, finance houses and many more. They will utilise their black book of golden contacts to present your deal to several lenders to obtain the best deal. Not only that, a good finance broker will already know what each lender’s appetite is.

  2. Time – The time that it takes to shop around, have meetings, fill out endless bank forms and pick up endless queries from the lender. A very good broker will take care of all of this; from form filling, dealing with enquiries and attending meetings.

  3. Experience – Most good finance brokers have a background in financial services, mainly in a lending role of some sort. With this experience, comes the knowledge, training and expertise that is required to obtain all the information ‘up front’ from the client, to avoid delays and present the deal to lenders in a credit style format.

  4. Money – By shopping around and spending the time speaking to several lenders, the rate on interest, arrangement fees etc can save you thousands.

  5. Flexibility – A commercial broker will access lenders for funds where, maybe, traditional security is unavailable or, the deal doesn’t fit giving the client much more flexibility with their borrowing.

  6. Bespoke – An expert in broking takes an individual view on all cases and can ensure that assumptions are not made as a generic approach. Their expertise allows them to deliver all types of scenarios to the lenders that meet their credit appetite and guidelines.

If you are looking for an expert finance broker with over 30 years’ experience in lending, please call us today. We take away the hassles that you don’t need.

Greg Wood