Help with Managing Finances is available

On a daily basis we speak with professionals who work with clients who are seeking an extra helping hand when it comes to organising their finances. Often it is where an individual’s spouse has taken care of the finances and life admin and then the spouse becomes unable to continue to undertake this role, whether it be because of dementia, death, divorce or just an inability due to old age. Help is available and the Trusted Advisors at Otium Partners are just the people to take on this role.

Q: My husband has always dealt with our administration, bills and family finances. When he was diagnosed with dementia, he started declining cognitively. I feel like a fish out of water, my daughter lives over three hours away and my accountant and solicitor have said it’s not something in their remit that they can provide support with. Is there someone who can help me organise my filing, pay bills and ensure that a plan is in place so that I know what I need to do?

A: The scenario you described with your husband isn’t unusual at all. Quite often it can be overwhelming to take on the role of ‘Admin and Finance’ when you have had your very own expert take care of this over the years. There is expert help available at Otium Partners though. Otium Partners take on the burden of these tasks, with complete professionalism, trust, discretion and efficiency and will work with you to ensure that your family finances are controlled and looked after.

If you would like to talk to us today, or know someone who we can help with relieving the stress in such situations, please call us on 0292 176 3750, email or click here.

Greg Wood