Otium Partners is 1

This week we have had the joy in celebrating our first birthday. This is a very exciting time for us at Otium Partners as we have achieved a lot and have a lot more to achieve. We have worked extremely hard over the past 12 months building a business that has the mission to save our clients time, the one thing you cannot create more of.

We are working with some fantastic individuals, families and businesses across the UK and we have been overjoyed with the interest, response and feedback on our business and the services we have delivered. It is imperative to us that our mission and vision is never blurred and we continue to be the trusted advisor and a time saver to our clients.

Our concierge services are becoming more and more popular with our white-labelled service being a must have for businesses looking to enhance their offering. It is a great way for businesses to be different and to help retain clients across all sectors, as business is becoming more and more competitive.
Our Debt Advisory service is hugely appealing to the property developers and investors who need more support than that of a finance broker can offer. They use us to manage and run their deals, we are experts in this area and we will do everything from package deals, obtain lending approval, completing all paperwork and liaise with professionals surrounding the deals (solicitors, surveyors, lenders etc). This allows our clients to focus on the property and have a trusted debt advisor to co-ordinate the deal, saving them hassle, repetition and time.

We have opened new offices in Monmouthshire to allow us to grow and hire more staff. Business is growing and all of us at Otium Partners would like to say thank you to our friends, partners, clients, prospects and professionals who have supported us in growing Otium.

Greg Wood