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Living abroad

Expert Concierge Service for UK Expats

A life abroad is often appealing for some and tens of thousands of Brits have decided on relocation. Most of the time, the weather alone does the trick, however for many there are other factors, such as; tax, property, schooling, career improvement, business opportunity, a better lifestyle or to improve economic prospects.

For countless British expats, they choose to leave Britain with the security of keeping a home or several properties and commercial interests in the UK, should they wish to return permanently, occasionally or for business purposes.

Moving and living abroad sounds very simple, but when you continue to have UK interests it is vital that you have the right support network of professionals in place to ensure everything is ticking over nicely and you don’t have unexpected tax bills or unreliable agents in place that cause you nothing but headaches.

At Otium Partners, we strive to get things right first time and with our fantastic network of professionals and expert concierge service, we have all the mechanisms in place to support our expats with their UK affairs. For us, it’s simple.

We can do anything from manage your properties, including tradespeople and domestic staff to meet with your professional advisors to ensure your goals and standards are being met and dealing with your insurances, utilities and travel around the globe. We are here to be your Trusted Advisor and help you run your life and your affairs as smoothly as possible.

Reliance, Confidence, Trust, Confidentiality and Data Protection are imperative factors to the way we service our clients.

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