Train Travel Nightmare

Our client was travelling between London and Bristol and we had pre-booked first class train tickets for him. However, as he arrived at the station there was a fatality on the rail line and the client’s return journey train had been cancelled. Our client had an important meeting to be in Bristol for. Otium Partners organised a chauffeur to drive the client back to Bristol and within 30 minutes the chauffeur was waiting outside Paddington Station. We even submitted the claim to Great Western Railway for a refund on his original rail ticket.

Winter Draughts

Our client has been extremely busy and has been meaning to get around to sorting a new front door for her holiday home. As the winter is starting to set in, this has become more urgent as our client and her family plan to spend Christmas there. She came to us because she didn’t know where to start, who to use or what her options were. Fortunately, she called us, we were able to arrange several quotes in one morning and complete online quotations for her. Our client was able to make a decision quickly and her new door is being fitted in time for her holidays.

Refinance for flexibility

This month saw the completion of a refinance project we have been working on for a few months for our client. This was a complicated restructure of the funding of a leisure complex, with an element of trading business and long-term commercial investment. Our expertise in deal structuring and knowledge of how to present and manage the case with the new lender was invaluable in securing our client long term finance and peace of mind.

Divorcee Assistance

This week we have helped a divorcee, who has needed assistance with all household bills and insurances for her new home. We have worked through her budgeting and set reminders for one month before each of her renewal / expiry dates. We will we work with her going forward to ensure she does not pay excessive amounts on renewals and continue to manage her bank accounts and payments.

Refinance Frustrations

Our client with a large investment property portfolio was looking to refinance to release capital for further investment. His bank were taking an extremely long time to assess his needs, with numerous visits and information requests but an apparent inability to secure credit approval. This was incredibly frustrating for the client who really wanted to push ahead with his business. We picked up the issue for the client, quickly gained a full understanding of his portfolio and requirements and produced a deal paper for potential lenders. Through our contacts, we were able to obtain a swift credit approval and by managing all elements of the process on the client’s behalf, ensure that a smooth transaction moved speedily to drawdown. Given our vast experience, our ability to put ourselves in the lender’s shoes in terms of deal presentation and information requirements, was key to securing the client’s funding and the ability to get on with building his business.

Party Plan

We have had a surprise 30th birthday party to arrange this month, where our client needed us to organise everything from start to finish. We organised everything from invites, catering, DJ, fireworks, a surprise guest to transport home. We provided inspiration, guidance and expertise to ensure it was a hugely successful party and his daughter was overjoyed.

Overseas and raising finance

We recently worked with a client based overseas to raise finance for an office block purchase. He holds a variety of UK property assets, both commercial and residential and we are working with him to develop a strategy to build his portfolio over the next few years. The client having identified a quality office investment property, we worked to structure a refinance deal against the existing properties to release equity for the purchase. Various funders were invited to tender for the lending and we went with the one that not only offered great terms, but that could perform within the relatively tight timescales for the purchase. Our role involved co-ordinating the banks, lawyers, valuers and his accountant as well as dealing with a 6 hour time difference with the client! The deal successfully completed as expected and we were delighted to have been able to support another client through our independent and supportive Debt Advisory service.

Concierge for Partners

We have recently signed up a firm with 18 partners who were looking for a bespoke package that would provide the partners with an elegant, personalised concierge service to add luxury and save them time with in their business and personal lives. We worked with the firm to understand the needs of the partners to provide a tailor-made package which included; travel arrangements, accommodation, hospitality, client calendar support and personal shopping at a very competitive price. Concierge for the partners of a firm is a great way to enhance a business’s offering and a fantastic way to add real value to both the personal and business tasks that the partners face.